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2 NFL Teams That Must Consider Signing Cam Newton

2 NFL Teams That Must Consider Signing Cam Newton


Cam Newton #1 of the NFL New England Patriots celebrates after scoring a touchdown against the New York Jets in the second half at Gillette Stadium on January 3, 2021 in Foxborough, Massachusetts.
(Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images)


Tuesday, August 31 is the day when NFL teams have to cut down from 80 players to the 53-man roster.

There are usually some surprises on this day.

However, very few believed the New England Patriots would be so bold and brash with one of their player cuts.

The Patriots cut veteran quarterback Cam Newton.

Newton was the quarterback in 2020 under a one-year contract.

The Patriots re-signed him to another one-year deal during the offseason.

Rookie Mac Jones has been named the starting quarterback.

Since former NFL MVP Newton, 32, is currently unemployed, here are a couple of teams who should be calling his agent.


Spoiler alert: both are in the Lone Star State.


2. Houston Texans

This Deshaun Watson situation is a mess.

If the Houston Texans cannot or will not trade him, perhaps it is worth their while to sign Newton for the 2021 season as an insurance policy for whatever may happen with Watson.



1. Dallas Cowboys

It is widely known that the Dallas Cowboys backup quarterback situation is not good.

Cooper Rush was the best of the bunch, but he is not a solid or experienced backup like Andy Dalton was for the Cowboys in 2020.

Rush is the last man standing with Ben DiNucci and Garrett Gilbert being released, but the Cowboys should consider signing Newton as Dak Prescott‘s backup.



Waiting Game

Another thought is that teams will wait to see what happens in the coming weeks.

Could Newton become this generation’s Vinny Testaverde?

Testaverde was literally on call in the last three years of his NFL career.

Each fall from 2005 to 2007, he got a call from a team that needed a quarterback.


Ironically, one of those teams was Newton’s former team, the Carolina Panthers in 2007.

Newton is a former MVP who led the Panthers to the Super Bowl so he may not be prepared to accept a backup quarterback for hire position at this point in his career.


Another Issue

From an NFL team’s point of view, having the backup quarterback vaccinated could be critical.

Should the starting quarterback go down due to injury, COVID-19, or other illness, it could be an insurance policy for the team to have a vaccinated player at the ready.


Also an unvaccinated backup could cause the starter to miss time in certain circumstances which is a risk some teams may be unwilling to take.

Newton had COVID-19 last season and missed practice last week due to an misunderstanding with testing protocols.

Those missed practices are when Jones stepped up and stole the job.

Newton is not vaccinated, and it does not mean he won’t get a job in the NFL, but it could lead to hesitation among teams.