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Apex Legends August 30 patch fixes a bug that let players jump while knocked down

Apex Legends


Apex Legends’ latest season has been incredibly successful for Electronic Arts. With professionals from Call of Duty Warzone making a shift to EA’s Battle Royale, the buzz around Apex Legends has never been louder. This doesn’t mean the game is perfect, though, as Apex Legends’ newest playable character, “Seer,” was gloriously broken when it was released. After a patch on August 23 nerfing Seer, developer Respawn Entertainment promised two follow-up patches that have now arrived.

Apex Legends Emergence August 30 patch notes

The issues mitigated by the latest patch are the removal of the “knock-jump” bug and the incorrect store listing for Bangalore Edition. While this patch is minor, it is absolutely crucial for a competitive Battle Royale where bugs like this can change the outcome of a game.


The full patch notes for update 1.78 are as follows:

Seer Changes


  • Increased wait time between sensor spikes for full HP targets (1.25s to 1.75s)
  • Removed center circle ellipses
  • Reduced range beyond 75m (blue spikes)
  • Reduced field of view


  • Increased detonation delay from 1.4s to 1.6s
  • Players hit are no longer damaged or flashed. Screen shake from being hit is also reduced
  • Movement slow added while holding tactical
  • Lowered volume on audio
  • Fixed tactical FX being visible in firing range when it’s not supposed to be


  • Increase cooldown from 90s to 120s
  • Lowered volume on audio


  • Fixed several errors related with Seer
  • Adjusted volume of voice lines that play when Seer is chosen

Other Fixes

  • Fixed a problem caused by Climatizer FX (“No existing effect for handle” error)
  • Fixed an issue with challenges (“Array index – 1 is out of range”)
  • Fixed most instances of Legends “holding a grenade” when they have none in their inventory (Wattson still suffers from this in some rare cases)
  • Fixed an error with using multiple grenades on explosive holds (another update later today will cause explosive holds to spawn closed again)
  • Apex Legends Switch: Fixed Holospray display

Follow up August 23 patch:

  • Temporarily disabled Prowler in Arenas due to crashing issues
  • Resolved a bug that was preventing some stats from being properly tracked. Missing stats aren’t recoverable, but should track correctly going forward.

August 30 patch:

  • Fixed knocked players sometimes being able to jump
  • Fixed Steam “No price found” issue with Bangalore Edition
  • Miscellaneous stability fixes

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