Bears fans might call the police on Matt Nagy for not benching Andy Dalton for Justin Fields


It took one drive for Chicago Bears fans to start calling for quarterback Andy Dalton to be benched in favor of rookie Justin Fields.

If Bears head coach Matt Nagy hoped Chicago fans might take a wait-and-see approach to the quarterback spot, they have. They waited for the season-opener to arrive. They saw one drive of Andy Dalton. And they decided they want nothing to do with him.

After Dalton threw a red zone interception against the Rams on his first drive, fans on Twitter went straight to calling for Justin Fields to take over at quarterback.

Bears fans have no patience for Andy Dalton and want Justin Fields

Part of the frustration was seeing Dalton make exactly the kind of mistake a veteran isn’t supposed to make.

Sending in Fields for a play on the drive was almost insulting.

The decision by Nagy to even start Dalton remains under fire.

Bears fans want to see their first-round quarterback in action right now, not later. Dalton isn’t exactly the kind of quarterback capable of holding off the wave of excitement for Fields.

It’s a tough spot for Dalton to be in, but throwing interceptions definitely doesn’t help his case at all.


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