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Calipari urges people to get vaccinated after breakthrough case

Calipari urges people to get vaccinated after breakthrough case


According to The Associated Press (h/t ESPN), Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball coach John Calipari revealed Tuesday that he tested positive for COVID-19 ahead of this summer’s NBA Draft despite being fully vaccinated against the virus. 

During a virtual news conference, Calipari explained he experienced only mild coronavirus symptoms and urged individuals who haven’t yet received one of the safe and available vaccines to get the shots. 

“I just encourage people to think about this,” Calipari said. “It is kids going back to schools that are not vaccinated that can bring it back to you or your family. It could happen. And if you are vaccinated, the chances of something serious happening are very, very, very slim.

“It’s your best chance of protecting yourself, maybe your family, your parents, whatever. … There were breakthroughs, but they’re not that sick.” 


Such breakthrough cases can be equal parts concerning but also encouraging. Calipari admitted he didn’t immediately announce he tested positive because he feared doing so may discourage some from getting vaccinated. However, the sports world has provided handfuls of instances since the spring of fully vaccinated athletes and coaches who tested positive for the virus but dealt with little more than minor inconveniences. 

In short, the available vaccines remain the best option people can embrace as they hope to return to something resembling normalcy as quickly and safely as possible.