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Chicago Cubs actually had off two walk-offs last night (Video)

Chicago Cubs actually had off two walk-offs last night (Video)


The Chicago Cubs had not one but two walk-offs on Wednesday night, both of which had their own special meaning. 


Not a whole lot has been going well for the Chicago Cubs lately. Trading away the World Series core for less than what Jack gave up in that bag of beans trade he made has left a sou taste in the mouths of fans on the North Side.

But there have been pockets of positivity to help ease the pain.

Look no further than not one but TWO walk-off moments for the Cubs in one night.

Jason Heyward walked off the Cubs at Wrigley on Wednesday night, spoiling a chance for the Reds to make headway in their chase for a postseason birth. He wasn’t the only Cubs player to produce a thrilling win, however.

Cubs prospect Christopher Morel walked off the Tennessee Smokies in what was a thrilling back-and-forth game against Chatanooga.


Morel is a potential candidate to be called up next season, although Cubs fans might not see him until next September. Still, Chicago significantly invested in the 22-year old (and his brother, for that matter) which implies he’s viewed as a big part of whatever future the current rebuild produces.

It’s an interesting juxtaposition for Cubs fans. Heyward’s walk-off was cathartic in that it was a bright spot in an otherwise darkened black hole of suck the team finds itself in.

Morel’s walk-off is a potential promise of what tomorrow could bring, as the future could be brighter on the North Side than most are anticipating in the wake of what happened at the trade deadline.