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Cubs minority owner denies screwing over minor-league players with rent prices

Cubs minority owner denies screwing over minor-league players with rent prices


According to a report, many of the Cubs minor league players pay full price to live at an apartment building where the coaching staff lives for free.

The plight of the minor leaguer is one of the stories of the year in baseball. Not a week goes by without a new report detailing some troubling element of the minor league system.

This week, the Cubs have come under the microscope.


Cubs minor league players are reportedly getting screwed on rent

Advocates for Minor Leaguers cited multiple sources claiming that Cubs minor leaguers are being charged full-price for rent at an apartment building near their stadium, while the coaching staff is living at the same place for free.

The Ivy at Berlin Place is apparently owned by Chicago Cubs minority owner and majority owner of the South Bend Cubs, Andrew T. Berlin.

Berlin replied to several people who tagged him in tweets about the report with a complete denial.

“I am the owner of The Ivy at Berlin Place apt.s AND I own the South Bend Cubs. This report is absolutely FALSE. Anyone can live in our apt.s, but if they do, EVERYONE pays rent. Period. If you need any further clarification feel free to message me. Thank you,” Berlin tweeted.


The price of rent at the apartment for a one-bedroom ranges from $985-$1,199 per month, per

Salaries for minor leaguers just went up, but they still don’t make very much money at all on average. South Bend is a High-A team, meaning players make $500 per week.

If the report is correct and staff gets free rent while players have to pay, that’s absolutely ludicrous.

If Berlin is telling the truth and all tenants have to pay rent, it’s still ridiculous that MLB doesn’t cover in-season housing costs for players making barely a living wage.