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David Carr supports Bears decision not to start Justin Fields

David Carr supports Bears decision not to start Justin Fields

NFL network football analyst David Carr appeared on the Dan Patrick Show recently. In the interview, one topic of discussion was the Chicago Bears quarterback situation. The Bears have named Andy Dalton their Week One starter over Justin Fields. Their decision has been met with much criticism, as many believe that Fields should take the reigns. However, David Carr came to the defense of Chicago’s decision not to start him.

“Do we want to put Justin Fields behind the Bears offensive line that I’ve watched the last three weeks? Absolutely not. I’ve been in that situation.” David Carr

In this quote, Carr references his time in Houston. The Texans faulty offensive line left Carr with little time to maneuver in the pocket. This resulted in the former first overall pick getting flocked by opposing defenses regularly, which played a key role in derailing his career. Chicago boasts one of the lower-ranked O-Lines in football, and David Carr believes the Bears should wait to play Justin Fields because of that. Doing so may allow them to situate their young prospect better when he does take the field.

QB Controversies: 2021 NFL Preseason

Justin Fields may have his work cut out for him, but other rookie QB’s haven’t had it easy either. Both Mac Jones and Trevor Lawrence have had to earn their spots as starters for their teams. In Jones’ case, he still may not win it anyway. Some have posted a similar argument for Trey Lance in San Francisco that they have in Chicago for Justin Fields. These players will undoubtedly take over as the starting QB in their new homes, so why not now?

The complications of doing so depend largely on the specifics of each case. Maybe these players need more time to develop their games and learn the offenses. It is also possible that the host organizations wish to fill other holes in the offense to accommodate their younger shot-callers. It could involve a combination of factors that differ from team to team. We’ll see how it all plays out once the new NFL season begins.