Does the United States get mail delivered on Labor Day?

Does mail get delivered on Labor Day?

Your birthday is growing near. Your grandmother is supposed to send you your favorite cookies that she spends 12 hours baking. They’re too delicious to describe. The only thing, you live in Tempe, AZ and she lives in Columbus, OH. So that means she has to ship them to you. Now, however, you may find yourself waiting an extra day due to a holiday.

The Postmen have a motto, it’s “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”. This is the credo that mail carriers swear by and live by when it comes to their duty of delivering mail and packages to the average consumer.

But, does that postmen motto pertain to federal holidays?

Does the mail get delivered on Labor Day?

When it comes to mail delivery on Labor Day, no, you will not get any. The Labor Day holiday is specifically made for the working class, an extra day off every year for them. It’s a federal holiday. As the United States Post Office adheres to all federal holidays, they also acknowledge Labor Day.

So yes, you’ll not get anything on Sundays as usual, but on Monday, Sep. 6, 2021, when you go to your mailbox, there won’t be anything there.

That said, while normal delivery and collection schedules will resume on Sep. 7, if you have anything that needs to be sent, the US postal services can still be had if you ship with their Priority Mail Express service.

This would be for people who absolutely have to have their packages or mail shipped in a timely manner. It’s expensive and unless it’s an absolute priority, the normal American should avoid this service.

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