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F1 is evaluating options to compensate ticket holders for Belgium GP

F1 is evaluating options to compensate ticket holders for Belgium GP

Formula 1 announced they are considering options to atone ticket holders after the Belgium GP fiasco. In collaboration with track promotors, F1 is aware that fans need to be recognized after attending the shortest race in history. However, organizers are responsible for tickets sale. Therefore, any refunding falls to Spa-Francorchamps.

In the past few days, numerous drivers expressed their vexation with Sunday’s GP. Ultimately, Belgium’s GP lasted only for two laps behind a Safety Car. Understandably, the conditions on Spa-Francorchamps were far too wet to enable proper racing.

“Following the impact of the weather on the Belgian Grand Prix on Sunday 29th August, Formula 1 and the promoter are working through various options for ticket holders, to express our recognition and thanks to them for their dedication and commitment.”

“We will provide further details as soon as possible as we want to thank the fans for their continued support and passion for Formula 1.”F1’s statement

Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel were one of many drivers who touched upon the situation. However, the most vocal figure was probably Lewis Hamilton. F1’s CEO, Stefano Domenicali, commented on the situation.

Unfortunately, the race is not there. You can pay for the ticket, and it is what it is. At the end of the day, for sure, the organizer, together with us, will consider the attention, the maximum attention to the fans. That’s for sure.”Stefano Domenicali

F1 set to review sporting regulations

Furthermore, changes are already undergoing to prevent such happenings in the future. Jean Todt said that the F1 commission would review the two-lap minimum regulation at the next meeting. That’s probably for the best, considering nobody included felt happy after Sunday’s race.


On a positive note, F1 Championship is resuming this weekend. For the first time since 1985, The Dutch Grand Prix will be hosting an F1 race. Surely, championship contender Max Verstappen will give his all to win at the home race. Verstappen is currently trailing by three points behind Lewis Hamilton.