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Fernando Alonso calls out F1 for a “strange show” in the one-lap race in Belgium

Fernando Alonso calls out F1 for a “strange show” in the one-lap race in Belgium

Yesterday, the weirdest F1 race in a long time took place. Following long and extensive rain showers, the stewards decided to run few laps behind a Safety Car. However, Fernando Alonso disagrees with awarding points after the shortest race in the sport’s history.

Even though F1 was awarding only 50 percent of the points, Alonso, amongst many, gainsaid with the decision. Moreover, Belgium GP was only the seventh race in F1’s history where half points were handed. As a fact, the last such race was 1991’s Australian Grand Prix.

Alonso agrees drivers shouldn’t have raced

Rain has been a point of issue for organizers throughout the weekend. On Saturday, Lando Norris heavily crashed during bursting rain. Therefore, it’s understandable why F1 didn’t want to risk drivers’ wellbeing any further. For Alonso, the decision not to race during rainy conditions was the right one. However, the Spaniard thinks points shouldn’t have been rewarded.

“I agree over the conditions, the only thing I don’t agree is why they do two laps, and they give the points because we didn’t race. We didn’t have the chance to score points. I’m P11, I didn’t have any green light lap to score a point, so we didn’t score.”

“So that’s shocking. But that is their decision. So there was no way we could race today, as we showed. It was only a red flag situation or behind safety car situation, as we did. So how you can give points to a non-race?”

“They did the three laps just to give the points because the conditions were the same as before, so it was a strange show for sure.”Fernando Alonso


Well, why couldn’t the F1 race on Monday? Racing director Michael Masi tackled this suggestion, saying that the FIA has “no ability to postpone the race to Monday.” Obviously, teams need to move on to the next stop on the calendar. Returning to the calendar, Dutch GP will host the first race since 1985.