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Florida State reveals numerous tributes for Bobby Bowden

Florida State reveals numerous tributes for Bobby Bowden


The Florida State Seminoles will honor Bobby Bowden and his legacy after the former FSU coach passed away.

After legendary former Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden passed away in August, the Seminoles have made plans to honor his legacy throughout the 2021 college football season. According to a news release from Florida State, the Seminoles have found a “number of ways” to commemorate Bowden’s memory.

FSU plans to put Bowden’s signature on the back of its football helmets this season. Along with that, a logo featuring his signature will be placed on the sleeves of the polos Florida State’s coaches will wear this year.

That logo will also be visible on the 25-yard line and on a banner that will be placed in the south end zone of Doak Campbell Stadium.


Florida State to honor Bobby Bowden with multiple tributes in 2021

Bowden coached in Tallahassee for decades. After leaving the West Virginia Mountaineers in 1975, Bowden stepped in and took over as the head coach at Florida State in 1976. He then led the Seminoles until 2009.

During that timeframe, Bowden and the Seminoles saw plenty of success, including a couple national championships in 1993 and 1999. In total, Bowden amassed over 300 wins as head coach at Florida State and 21 of those wins were bowl games.

He’s by far one of the best coaches to ever lead a college football program and he was remarkable successful throughout his tenure in Tallahassee. Bowden died at the age of 91-years-old and was laid to rest in Trussville, Alabama.

For more information on how the Florida State Seminoles plan to celebrate Bowden’s legacy during the 2021 season, click here.


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