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Football transfer news – Sir Alex Ferguson was the key to re-signing for Manchester United says Cristiano Ronaldo

Football transfer news - Sir Alex Ferguson was the key to re-signing for Manchester United says Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo says that his relationship with his “father in football” Sir Alex Ferguson was the key factor in his decision to return to Old Trafford this summer.

The 36-year-old Portuguese star sealed his return to Manchester from Juventus on transfer deadline day.

And Ronaldo says that it is the bonds he forged in his first hugely successful stint at the club that convinced him to sign again.


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“As everybody knows, since I signed for Manchester [United] at 18, Sir Alex Ferguson was the key,” Ronaldo said in an official interview. “I remember when we played against Manchester when I was at Sporting Lisbon.


For me, Sir Alex Ferguson is like a father in football for me.

He helped me a lot, he taught me many things, and in my opinion of course he had a big role because the relationship that we had, we keep in touch all the time, and he’s an unbelievable person.

“I really like him a lot and he was the main key for me to be in the position that I am, that I signed for Manchester United.”

Ronaldo agreed a two-year deal with the possibility of a one-year extension at Manchester United, and says that he is looking forward to speaking more to manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to discover how the coach intends to utilise him in the United side.


“Well, we had a chat, but of course I’m going to have time to speak with him face to face, to know what he expects,” Ronaldo said.

“As you know, I played with him for two or three years at Manchester United so I have a good relationship with him, but now it’s with a different role, I’m a player and he’s a coach.

“But it doesn’t matter, my relationship with him is great and as I say before, I’m there in Manchester to help the team achieve his results and the coach can count on me for whatever he wants. So I’m available for everything.”

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Ronaldo’s return has been heralded as a triumph by the vast majority of Manchester United fans, who celebrated his impending return by displaying banners and singing his name during the 1-0 win over Wolverhampton Wanderers on Sunday.

And Ronaldo said he is excited about the prospect of playing in-front of the United fans again.

“Now, with all the stadiums full of supporters, it’s not the same that we had one year ago, those empty stadiums,” Ronaldo added. “The fans, they are the key, and I’m so glad.

“The Manchester United fans, they are special, I know, I remember very well. I know they still sing my music which has made me feel even more happy.

“My commitment is to give everything on the pitch, like I did before, like I do it all the time, and try to do my best, help the team score goals, make assists, win games, and I hope to see them very, very soon.”



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