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Gareth Southgate admits England stadium ban fears after horrific Euro 2020 final scenes

Gareth Southgate admits England stadium ban fears after horrific Euro 2020 final scenes


Gareth Southgate has confessed he is fearful of England being hit with a stadium ban after the crowd issues that took place during the Euro 2020 final at Wembley

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Southgate warns England ‘hard work starts now’ for World Cup

Gareth Southgate has admitted he fears England could be hit with a stadium ban after the shameful crowd trouble at the Euros final.

Southgate is the first person from the FA to raise the prospect of Wembley being shut down by UEFA who could announce the findings of their investigation this week.


The England boss spoke out amid questions over fears his players could face abuse for the taking of the knee as Hungary have already been hit with a stadium ban of their own because of homophobic and racist chants during the Euros.

Southgate insisted they should not condemn Hungary until they get their own house in order after the Euros final in July was marred by crowd trouble outside Wembley while thousands of ticketless fans stormed into the stadium.


Gareth Southgate is aware that England could suffer a stadium ban


Southgate said: “We still don’t know what the outcome of the investigation into our final is going to be and maybe we end up with a stadium ban.

“I understand the question and focus outside but I always feel as if we shouldn’t look elsewhere until our own house is in order.

“Whilst we are always vigilant in preparing our team for whatever they may face, all of the issues you talk about very important ones, I have always been brought up that when I’m a guest somewhere I’m respectful of that, show that due respect, and that’s as I’d want to be treated if people were travelling to our country.

“The players understand the seriousness of the matters you talking about but I think we have a long way to go ourselves before we start comment or preempt what might happen in a game somewhere else.”




Hungary’s ban will not come into effect until the start of the next Nations League tournament as it is a UEFA punishment and the World Cup qualifiers is a FIFA competition so the stadium is expect to be a 65,000 sell-out crowd.

Hungarian Andras Schafer believes they will have a “great advantage” over England because of the 65,000 sell-out crowd in the Puskas Arena.

England fans have been unable to travel to Hungary because of Covid travel restrictions and the stadium gained a reputation for having a red-hot atmosphere in the Euros.

Dunajska Streda midfielder Schafer said: “Everybody knows that our fanbase is one of our biggest strengths and of course with 60,000 supporters it will be much easier and it will give us a great advantage against this strong England team.”