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Gilbert Arenas says the Philadelphia 76ers ‘don’t want to blame themselves’ over what happened with Ben Simmons

Gilbert Arenas says the Philadelphia 76ers ‘don’t want to blame themselves’ over what happened with Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons falling out with the Philadelphia 76ers has dominated the NBA offseason. The latest rumors stating that Simmons will refuse to show up to training camp and never wants to play for the 76ers again. Most chatter has been about how Simmons has failed to work on his game, leading to playoff disappointment. But former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas has offered his two cents on the matter, and he believes the franchise has let the player down.

“They don’t want to blame themselves for what he became. You are talking about a guy who is 6’11, can get to the basket anytime he wants. He’s the point guard that’s coming downhill, long, can jump. So really he’s unguardable, if his mentality was I’m just going to go out and score 40. He doesn’t play aggressive. He’s being handicapped by the game itself.”Gilbert Arenas

The Philadelphia 76ers drafted Ben Simmons with the No.1 overall pick in 2016. The franchise signed him to a 5yr/$177 million extension in 2020, thus showing the confidence they had in the player as recently as 12 months ago. However, in Doc Rivers’ one season in charge of Philadelphia, Simmons’ offense game declined, and he drew massive criticism during the team’s playoff run. Arenas beliefs the fault lies with the coach more so than the player.

“The fact that you are not actually using him. The fact that you’re not Greek the Freak’in this dude tells me another story too..That’s coaching too..You’re not getting him involved. This guy doesn’t want to take a shot because he doesn’t wanna miss.”Gilbert Arenas on why Simmons struggled last season

It’s difficult to blame Doc Rivers; he is a championship-winning coach, with nearly 1,000 career wins after all. What is clear is that Rivers came into Philadelphia and instantly made Joel Embiid his offensive vocal point, instead choosing to get the best out of Ben Simmons on the defensive end.

Simmons has the speed, size, athleticism, and defensive of an NBA superstar. He is just waiting for the right coach and system to allow him to flourish on both ends of the court.