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‘Hungry’ Astros should prevail

Codrington's punt return seals win for NC Central


Sep. 2—Several times last year, both in the fall for New Hampshire and the early spring for Mass., I was asked why there were no “Grid Picks.”

The answer was easy. There were too few games and, due to COVID, one couldn’t be certain who would be on the field week by week. That made educated predictions nearly impossible.

Well, we’re all back in the fall now and it’s time to resume the column. I’m as eager to get started as the local football teams which, based on preseason comments, are hungry for action.

No one is hungrier than Pinkerton, which had its season curtailed after three games last year due to a COVID case in the school, robbing the Astros of a chance to participate in the playoffs.


A traditional power, Pinkerton may not be quite as strong as in its glory years, but it has good size, fine running backs in Jacob Albert and Cole Yennaco, solid experience and — after missing half the season last year — will be super excited to be on the field.

All of this adds up to an opening victory for the Astros, who will be at Windham Saturday afternoon. The Jaguars always put up a good fight and likely will again, but they’ll be unable to keep pace.

Prediction: Pinkerton 32, Windham 7


Salem at Nashua South: Most years, South boasts good skill players. But it will be hard pressed to match Salem’s backfield of Aidan McDonald and Dante Fernandes.


Prediction: Salem 27, South 14

Stevens at Pelham: Without knowing a thing about Stevens, I was impressed with the Pythons youngsters during last year’s championship season.

Prediction: Pelham 34, Stevens 7

Timberlane at St. Thomas: The Owls defeated St. Thomas last year and, with several key players returning, should repeat the feat.

Prediction: Timberlane 28, St. Thomas 13



Gilford at Sanborn: Unless the Indians get production from newcomers, they may struggle this year.

Prediction: Gilford 20, Sanborn 7