Is Walmart open on Labor Day?

Is Walmart open on Labor Day? If so, what are their opening hours?

Walmart has become a second home for the vast majority of us, providing access to a wide array of daily necessities. Food, furniture and clothes are just a fraction of what the superstore has to offer. As Labor Day approaches, party-planners know better than anyone that Walmart holds the keys to a successful celebration. Need a bigger BBQ to support the impending doom of your in-laws massive family? Walmart has your back. Need party snacks that’ll inevitably be stolen by your auntie Jacqueline? You got it. The question is, will their stores remain open on Labor Day for the last-minute hordes?

Labor Day hours: Is Walmart open?

The wholesale giant will remain open on Labor Day 2021. Operating on regular hours, doors will be  open from 6am-12am, allowing plenty of time for the frantic rush of customers to grab what they need! It’s worth checking your local store’s opening hours using theStore Finder Tool, as a select few stores may be prone to a reduced opening schedule.

This time last year, the confusion and uncertainty of the pandemic saw many stores nationwide reduce their hours. As life slowly but surely returns to normal and COVID-19 retreats into the rear view, Walmart has once again become ol’ reliable for holiday needs.

Online shopping will also be available. If you want to avoid the war zone of a busy superstore and have your goods delivered, the option is there!


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