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James Harrison tells the truth about Malcolm Butler benching in Super Bowl LII

James Harrison tells the truth about Malcolm Butler benching in Super Bowl LII

James Harrison has some answers about the benching of Malcolm Butler ahead of Super Bowl LII (52). The longtime NFL linebacker spoke against the rumors that have swirled about since the incident. While he couldn’t disclose the real reason for the benching, he did put to bed any insubordination on Butler’s end.

“I just think they thought (Butler) wasn’t up to the task. I don’t know. But I know for sure that all that stuff that was coming out about curfew and all that other (expletive) — that’s a crock of (expletive).

It’s just not even close to true because that — like I don’t even know what happens if you’re late to a meeting. I’ve never seen a guy late to a meeting (in New England).

So for wild allegations of ‘it’s this, it’s that’ and you have not one ounce of (expletive) proof. Come on, man, you all need to stop making up stories to sell papers and get clicks or whatever it is. It’s just bull.”James Harrison

To this day, we are all left to wonder why Belichick and company decided to bench one of their better defenders that day. We’ll never know for certain how different things may have turned out if he had played. For now, at least James Harrison has clarified the past situation surrounding Malcolm Butler.

Malcolm Butler’s career in New England

For most of us, our introduction to Malcolm Butler came when his goal-line interception clinched Super Bowl XLIX (49) for the Patriots. From that moment on, he became one of the better players in the team’s defensive backfield. That played into the mass confusion surrounding his benching in Super Bowl LII (52) years later.


His absence on the field appeared to leave the team vulnerable in the secondary. New England’s opponents in Philadelphia took full advantage of the opportunity laid before them. The Patriots ended up allowing 41 points that evening. Butler would never again suit up for New England, as he left that offseason to join the Tennessee Titans. He enters this season on his third NFL team, the Arizona Cardinals.