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John Cena reveals how he almost got fired from the company

John Cena reveals how he almost got fired from the company


WWE News: John Cena reveals how his
WWE News: John Cena reveals how his “Rapping” saved him from getting fired from the company. Check here

WWE News: This latest WWE news piece is related to John Cena. The Leader of Cenation and the 16-time World Champion John Cena may be one of the biggest icons of the company, but do you know he was once on the verge of getting fired? Yes, you heard it right. Cena was on the cusp of getting axed from the company, but somehow his rap character saved one of the most decorated careers in WWE.

WWE News: John Cena reveals his story of almost getting axed

The 16-time World Champion recently sat down with Buzzfeed, where he revealed that if it wasn’t for his freestyle rapping in a WWE tour bus, he would have been shown the exit door by the company. Undoubtedly Cena’s first character was musty and unentertaining until the “Doctor of Thuganomics” happened. Cena said,

“So I debuted as John Cena, the most stale, unentertaining character you can imagine, and was just about to be fired after a year and a half of me trying to connect with the audience. On what was supposed to be one of my last tours – when we go overseas we all travel together – and in the back of the bus, people were freestyling. I remember I just went back and joined in, and in the front of the bus, the creative department was like ‘hey how did you remember all that?’” 

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John Cena further revealed that he explained to the creative team about his freestyle rapping, which paid heavy dividends. In his teenage, he used to be bullied for his freestyle wrestling, but with the “Doctor of Thuganomics” character, everything fell into place for the 16-time World Champion.

WWE News: Is John Cena done with WWE after Summerslam?

John Cena was booked to look like a jobber against Roman Reigns at WWE Summerslam, and after his demeaning loss, it seemed everything is over for the Leader of Cenation in WWE. Yes, he is back in Hollywood now doing multiple projects, but that doesn’t mean his in-ring career is done.  

Cena stated in a Twitter post after his demeaning loss to Roman Reigns at Summerslam that he is done for now but will return soon. This particular run of John Cena is seemingly over, but he will return to the squared circle again at some stage. We will update you with the same, till then keep reading other WWE News on our website.