NBC has no idea what Kelly Stafford looks like


NBC completely failed in its first attempt to know what Kelly Stafford looks like.

While we all understand that the Detroit Lions are not a team that plays on Sunday Night Football very often, NBC totally embarrassed itself by not being able to recognize Kelly Stafford during the primetime telecast.

Stafford’s husband Matthew is in his first game as the starting quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams. They are college sweethearts from their days at the University of Georgia. Even though her husband has played in the NFL for well over a decade, NBC came out of the commercial break with egg all over its face. It was a nice distraction from the awful play out of the visiting Chicago Bears.

Will the real Kelly Stafford please stand up, please stand up?

All of Detroit harpoons NBC for not being able to recognize Kelly Stafford

The woman first shown on the telecast as Kelly Stafford was apparently one of their friends. NBC was raked over the coals so badly for this error by Greater Detroit that it made an immediate correction after the commercial break.

You would think a massive broadcasting company would recognize the longtime wife of the former No. 1 overall pick and former Lions star in his Los Angeles debut, but here we are.

NBC had all offseason to be able to pick out in the crowd Kelly Stafford, and they looked as pitiful as Andy Dalton has in Bears uniform.

While NBC may not be able to recognize his wife, they must respect Matthew Stafford has game.


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