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Premier League: 30% Bonus on Next 2 Deposits on ZigZag

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90 minutes on the pitch and you can just never tell when the game can turn, and that’s the English premier League for you. The action and entertainment is always 100% and it’s so unpredictable on the pitch. And those who wish to play online sports betting on these games, we have so much options and one of them is leading online sports betting website, ZigZag Sport.

Premier League: 30% Bonus on Next 2 Deposits on ZigZag

Talking about the unpredictability on the pitch, we can assure you that there’s a whole lot of predictability on the online front, with fixed sports betting promotions available on ZigZag Sport, which you can then use to further your winnings on various sports betting markets. Today, we’re talking about a 30% deposit bonus on the next couple of  deposits, applicable for all those who create a ZigZag account now.

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While most brands send out a deposit bonus for your next deposit, ZigZag is allowing a bonus on your next two deposits, which is basically 30% + 30% on this sports betting platform. To be eligible, all you need to do is make the minimum qualifying deposit of €20 (which is applicable to equivalent deposits in other currencies as well). So get ready to watch, win and participate on ZigZag Sport!


How to get Premier League 2021 Bonus?

  1. Register to ZigZag Sport
  2. Make the minimum deposit of €20
  3. Provide the code “30LEAGUE30” to live chat

Clearly, there’s a lot of value and a lot to win on ZigZag, so we wouldn’t recommend you miss out on the fun. Also, for more such offers and promotions, make sure you stay tuned to

Register on ZigZag Sport and get a 30% deposit bonus

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