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Saints-Packers week one game in New Orleans now in doubt

Saints-Packers week one game in New Orleans now in doubt


Hurricane Ida swept through Southeastern Louisiana over the weekend, leaving a wrath of destruction behind it while putting the Saints’ home opener against the Packers in doubt.


Sixteen years after the devastating Hurricane Katrina hit southeastern Louisiana, New Orleans took the blow of another Hurricane, Ida.

Thousands are reportedly without power, leaving the entire city in the dark yet again.

The recovery from the storm won’t be easy. Neither will figuring out contingency plans for the Saints-Packers scheduled game on Sept. 12, which is now in doubt. New Orleans was scheduled to open their season at home in front of a roaring crowd that has evaded them for a year due to the COVID pandemic.

Saints’ head coach Sean Payton unsure if Packers game will be played as scheduled due to Hurricane Ida.

“We don’t know relative on Week 1 in the Superdome. We’ll have a Plan B,” Payton said. “There’s a lot of things from a priority standpoint that are more important to our city.”


While it’s encouraging that Payton has his sights set on the overall recovery of the city rather than the status of their Week 1 game, Saints fans are sure to be eagerly awaiting any news to drop.

Saints players and coaches evacuated the city and practiced in Dallas while the storm hit. They are likely just as eager as the fans to figure out their Week 1 plans and eventually return home.

The Saints-Packers game won’t be cancelled; rather relocated to a different site. Details about this are currently unknown as everything surrounding the hurricane is new. However it’s hard to imagine the NFL hasn’t yet started forming a contingency plan.