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Saleh: Wilson needs to learn ‘sometimes it’s OK to be boring’

Saleh: Wilson needs to learn 'sometimes it's OK to be boring'


New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson made highlight reels for many wrong reasons in his first game against the New England Patriots and just second game of his career, becoming the first quarterback since 1991 to throw two interceptions on his first two throws of the game. 

After the resounding 25-6 loss to the rival Pats, Jets coach Robert Saleh pinpointed Wilson’s biggest issue: The rookie out of BYU is trying too hard to be aggressive.

“It’s OK to play a boring game of football. That’s really it,” Saleh said via ESPN. “He’s an electric dude. He’s competitive as crap and he wants to win so bad, but sometimes it’s OK to be boring. That’s probably the biggest lesson he can take out of this one.”

Wilson ended the day tallying four interceptions on his first 10 pass attempts, becoming the third rookie QB in the past 40 years to achieve such a dubious honor. The rest of his stats in the first half alone weren’t much better: