Samoa Joe relinquishes the WWE NXT Championship


WWE Superstar Samoa Joe has announced that he has relinquished the NXT Championship due to an injury.

The Samoan Submission Machine won the Title at TakeOver 36 when he defeated Karrion Kross to become the first-ever three-time NXT Champion. Unfortunately for Joe, he couldn’t enjoy a long reign with the title.

Samoa Joe took to his social media accounts to reveal that he was informed by WWE’s medical team that he’d have to step away from the ring for a while due to an injury. He added that once he’s fully cleared to compete, he will come back to reclaim what is rightfully his.

“Hello, I’m NXT champion Samoa Joe. Apart [from] my recent return, my goals were very simple. I sought to ensure the respect and integrity due to both NXT and its championship. I sought to ensure that everybody understood that the needs of one individual will never outstrip the sum of the brand. Today, I find myself having to stand on those principles.”

“Recently, WWE medicals informed me that due to certain injuries, they would like to have me step away from the ring for a brief, yet still indeterminate amount of time. I realize that this week, we are on the cusp of a new NXT. We are on the brink of a new era in our history, and I realize that era deserves a fighting champion. And that’s why it makes this very difficult decision, very easy to make. Effective immediately, I relinquish the NXT Championship. Best of luck to those who will vie for it. My sincerest condolences to whoever wins because I will be along shortly to recollect what’s mine,” said Samoa Joe.

Samoa Joe is the first-ever three-time WWE NXT champion

Samoa Joe has had two very successful runs in the black and gold brand. He held the NXT Title twice in his first run and once in his second, thus making him the first superstar in WWE history to hold the title three times.

The black and gold brand is set to undergo some major changes, which will start with this week’s episode of NXT.

With this new change, a lot of interesting things will surely take place, and once Samoa Joe returns to the fold, he’ll help elevate the brand as he did before.

We here at Sportskeeda wish Samoa Joe a speedy recovery and a quick return to in-ring competition.

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