Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says Jamal Adams needs to ‘manage his aggressiveness’


Seahawks coach Pete Carroll had some interesting things to say when he spoke with the media today following Sunday’s collapse against the Titans. One of the reasons why Seattle blew the two-touchdown fourth quarter lead was a loss of discipline. Losing dozens of yards on penalties was a big factor, as were several mistakes during Derrick Henry’s rampage.

One of the players taking the blame on Twitter today is the team’s is star strong safety Jamal Adams, who committed a costly roughing the passer penalty in overtime and is taking heat for getting too deep on King Henry’s 60-yard touchdown run. Carroll says Adams needs to manage his aggressiveness with his assignments.

While it’s true that Adams pushed the envelope too far in this case, that instinct is not one the Seahawks want to extinguish. The best defenders that have come through Seattle have often towed the line between aggressive, physical play and begging for flags. Think Michael Bennett’s penchant for jumping offsides too soon or Richard Sherman’s busy hands with the ball in the air.

Finding the balance Carroll is looking for with Adams and other special athletes like him is a fine art more than an exact science. It’s important to remember this defense is a work in progress and Adams has only played a handful of healthy games in a Seahawks uniform. The franchise has made a huge investment in him and we have to believe they’ll figure it out eventually. It will just take more time.


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