Soundbites: Week 3 Press Conference


Players addresses the media

9/14/2021 6:44:00 PM

BLACKSBURG – Leading up to the third game of the season against West Virginia, select Virginia Tech football players met with the media for a press conference on Tuesday. Read what they had to say below.



On two strong defensive performances back-to-back weeks:

“We’ve got a lot of chemistry. We’ve got a lot of older guys stepping up each week. I feel like that’s helping us a lot, with everyone stepping up and doing their job.”




On how his college experience has been so far:

“It’s a little different than living down in Texas, because it’s not 100 degrees every day. But I’m really liking it. I’m surrounded by a great group of guys who’ve made it a lot easier making this transition.”




On his start against Middle Tennessee:

“It felt good getting back out there. I did pretty good in some instances and did okay in others. There’s always room for improvement.”


On how tight end James Mitchell has been a leader despite his season-ending injury:

“Yeah, it’s obviously a shame. I feel for James. It’s just a really sad situation overall. But, like you said, since day one, he’s been kind of guiding me through everything. I’ve been able to observe him from afar and just kind of see how he how he handles himself, because a lot of people on this team look up to him. So, with him being gone, it’s really a shame. But the good thing is I know James will still be around, still will be with the team and will still be helping the tight ends. So, I’m not too worried about him losing his leadership abilities really.”


On how James Mitchell is going to help the tight end group off the field:

“I think knowing James Mitchell and knowing that he’s doing as much as he can shows that he truly knows his role. He’s doing as much as he can to be around all the time and it shows that the young guys and us old guys truly depend on him. I think just being a good guy and how he’s played a lot of games helps, too. He’s an older guy, and so am I, but I still look up to him in so many ways and helps me out. It stinks, but he’s going be here with us through it all.”


On the running game being off to a strong start and how that brings positive energy to the offensive line:

“Ultimately, at the end of the day, we just want to be physical. That comes with running the ball and that comes with communicating. For example, the front’s blitzes that different teams bring against us and things like that. So, being physical and moving the ball on the ground.”


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