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Teammates convinced Cristiano Ronaldo to return to Manchester United

Teammates convinced Cristiano Ronaldo to return to Manchester United

Before Manchester United announced that Cristiano Ronaldo would return, Ronaldo seemed destined to join United’s bitter rival Manchester City. However, Manchester United swooped in at seemingly the last minute and bought Ronaldo from Italian powerhouse Juventus. While there have been rumors surrounding a Ronaldo return to Old Trafford, old teammates and club legends changed his mind. 

Since leaving twelve years ago, a Ronaldo return has been intriguing for the media and United fans. Now, he is finally returning, and the buzz is loud. Manchester United announced on Instagram Friday that Ronaldo would return. This post has since become the most liked post by a sports team ever, regardless of sport. The 48 hours that led up to Ronaldo rejoining the club were busy. 

Manchester United orchestrating the Ronaldo return

What led up to Ronaldo’s change of heart was a mix of personal connections and behind-the-scenes business. A combination of both former players and teammates sprang into action to persuade Ronaldo to join United. Portugal teammate Bruno Fernades and former manager Alex Ferguson messaged Ronaldo to tell him not to join Manchester City.

While we may not be able to see the voice memos from Evra, Ronaldo’s return message about playing for United in response is telling. Meanwhile, Manchester United’s executive vice-chairman remained in close contact with Ronaldo’s agent Jorge Mendes. After sending an offer to Mendes, United began to negotiate with Juventus on the return. 

Eventually, United agreed to pay 15 million pounds with 8 million in add-ons. Ronaldo considered joining Manchester City, but he ultimately returned to United once he heard their pitch. He even agreed to take a pay cut.


Even though he is 36, Ronaldo has proven he can still score goals. In his first stint for United, Ronaldo was Premier League champion three times with the club. The signing is what United hope will push them back into title contention this season. We’ll have to see if Ronaldo can bring the Devils their first championship since 2012.