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The ‘Most recent 20-game winners for every MLB team’ quiz

The 'Most recent 20-game winners for every MLB team' quiz


Back in April, Joe Musgrove gave the San Diego Padres their first no-hitter in franchise history . On Monday night, Blake Snell had a no-no going through seven innings, only to be removed from the game by manager Jayce Tingler. With the team fighting for a Wild Card berth, Snell agreed with Tingler’s decision. “I think we were all in agreement. Two more innings to go, do I really want to throw 140 pitches when I’m going to be needed the rest of this month?”

Which brings us to today’s quiz of the day. The Padres need wins down the stretch, and Snell knows a thing or two about that, having won 21 games with Tampa Bay back in 2018. While winning 20 games is not the hallmark of a superb pitching season that it once was, it is still an impressive feat. So with that in mind, can you name the last 20-game winner for each MLB franchise? 

Good luck!