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The Orlando Magic remain hopeful for Mo Bamba

The Orlando Magic remain hopeful for Mo Bamba

Mo Bamba may be running out of time with the Orlando Magic. The former top ten draft pick has struggled early on in his NBA career. With Orlando’s signing of Robin Lopez, Bamba could dock into an even lesser role should he fail to progress in the 2021-22 season.

Though that prospect remains viable, the Magic’s original goal involves using Lopez to help Bamba grow. Currently slated as their backup center to Wendell Carter, Bamba is primarily tasked with fortifying the Magic’s bench with strong defensive play.

The team may ultimately decide to move on should this season see more of the same results. However, that won’t come without a concerted effort to spark progress first. This move to help their young big-man aligns with Orlando’s prime objective to their new head coach. For this season, the Magic mostly wish for their younger players to develop. If Jamahl Mosley and his coaching staff can accomplish that with Bamba and the rest, that should bode well for the team in the seasons to come.

Mo Bamba with the Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic selected Mo Bamba with the sixth overall pick in the 2018 NBA draft. The move surprised many at the time, not because of his play but his position. The last thing Orlando needed at the time was a franchise center. By then, Nikola Vucevic had already solidified himself as the Magic’s best player. Moreover, he hadn’t shown any desire to leave.

Regardless, the Magic took Bamba and hoped he would develop into the star that many believed he would become. Once compared to Rudy Gobert for his defensive potential, Bamba looked like a surefire star coming out of Texas. Unfortunately, that hasn’t worked out as most hoped. Instead, Bamba has struggled to gain form and find his footing in the NBA. This has led him toward the position where he stands today. Given the Magic’s recent moves, he seems to have a short time left before the team will have to make a definitive decision about his future.