Tyrann Mathieu impressed with Trevor Lawrence despite loss to Texans


Kansas City Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu gave a huge compliment to Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence after his first career loss.

Tyrann Mathieu got to spend Sunday night enjoying a Chiefs victory. He did so by watching the post-game press conferences for the Jaguars and Texans.

The Chiefs’ safety came away with some serious praise for rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

“I’m impressed with Trevor Lawrence post game interview. He gonna be alright,” Mathieu tweeted.

Tyrann Mathieu complimented Trevor Lawrence after his loss

One of the interesting parts of watching Lawrence in the NFL will be seeing how he handles adversity. He didn’t face a tone of it in college or high school. In fact, Sunday’s loss to Houston was the first regular-season loss of his football career. It was an entirely new experience for him.

To his credit, Lawrence stood in front of the media, faced the questions, and looked ahead to better days.

Lawrence threw three interceptions, also a first, at least as far back as his college years. He matched those with three touchdowns, though two of them came late on with the game out of reach.

His 14.3 QBR was definitely not what he would have hoped for going into the game. At least he racked up yards with 332 on 28-of-51 passing.

It would be fun to see what Mathieu thinks of Lawrence after going head to head with him on the football field, but they won’t get a chance this year. The Chiefs and the Jaguars aren’t scheduled to play. The thought of them meeting in the playoffs is laughable. So it’ll have to wait.


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