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VGUs in League of Legends are way too costly for consideration, and thus, are rare in number

VGUs cost a lot of money and are not worth the time and effort (Image via League of Legends)


Visual and gameplay updates (VGU) are something that players have asked for a long time in League of Legends.

League of Legends is a ten-year-old game, meaning that several assets are outdated and feel very clunky. While the game has gone through some graphical updates, the champions made years back still exist.

League of Legends has a vast number of champions, so changing the visuals and gameplay aspects will be time-consuming.

However, there seems to be more to it as far as Riot Games is concerned. As a result, the chances of certain champions like Vayne and Caitlyn receiving a VGU are pretty low.

Even if it does happen, players might have to wait for a long time as Riot feels it is not worth the time and money.


Financial investment to perform VGU in League of Legends is a lot more than money obtained from skin sales

Whenever a champion is supposed to have a VGU, the devs change the looks of the champion and rework the splash art and the in-game model. Their attack and movement animation is also changed.

However, this means that the changes need to reflect on the skins of the champion as well. Therefore, Riot has to put in additional work to ensure that the champion feels newer than ever.

This is as difficult as it sounds and is worth a lot of time and money. Apart from that, if a player mains the champion within League of Legends, then chances are they will not want a VGU.

This is because changes in attack animation will mean adjusting to the champion, which will bring down the player’s skill level. Gamers do not want to feel that their time is wasted, so they rarely look for updates on their mains.

Ahri is one of the champions that has been long awaiting a Visual and Gameplay update (Image via League of Legends)
Ahri is one of the champions that has been long awaiting a visual and Gameplay update (Image via League of Legends)

Apart from that, as the developer Riot Axes mentioned, while the sale of skins does increase for a champion receiving a VGU, it is nothing much compared to newer skins.

The primary cost is inclined towards the art side of things, and therefore, Riot tends not to go in the direction of a VGU.


Riot Axes also mentioned that they would look to do more VGUs than what they had in 2021. However, the chances are that the rate at which it is done will not increase by any significant amount.

Note: This article reflects the author’s views.

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