Wallabies player ratings from Bledisloe 3

Rise, wash, repeat. The All Blacks have once again wiped the floor with the Wallabies, a 38-21 win on hostile soil in Perth securing them yet another Bledisloe Cup clean sweep.

Whether you need to find some light in the darkness or want a chance to let off some steam, here’s your chance. It’s time to rate every Wallaby from Sunday afternoon’s loss.

If you’ve done this before, simply head down to the form below and get cracking. If you’re new here, there’s a few things you’ll need to know.

For starters, you don’t have to rate every player – if you didn’t catch enough of someone’s performance or don’t think they were on the field long enough for a fair judgement, just leave them blank and it won’t affect their score.

If you’re after a rough guide as to what each score means, here’s what we go off.

1. Had he not played, the team would have been better off. Negatively affected the performance of the side. May God John Eales have mercy on his soul.
2. Anonymous. Was he even there?
3. Did some things that you expect a player to be able to do, but did a whole bunch of other things that sucked.
4. Was passable in patches, but not up to standard in a match of such importance.
5. Performed his role without anything really noticeable happening.
6. Good.
7. Pretty good, actually.
8. Very good.
9. Excellent.
10. Extraordinary. Calling them man of the match would be an insult.

Did anyone do enough for a passing grade? How long will Michael Hooper’s back hold out carrying 22 blokes on it every week? Have your say right here:

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