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3 opponents we think could actually KO Jake Paul in a boxing match

3 opponents we think could actually KO Jake Paul in a boxing match


Here are three potential opponents that could actually KO Jake Paul if they fought.

Jake Paul remained undefeated with a victory against Tyron Woodley in a high-profile main event from Cleveland, OH. The win propelled Paul to 4-0 in his young career, as his sights are now set on bigger challenges for his next bout at some point later this year.

Despite his unblemished record, there are still a few worthy challengers who Paul should consider facing in his next few fights. The common denominator is that all three have knockout power, which may present problems for the YouTuber turned professional boxer.

Here are three compelling names that could stand across from Paul whenever the time comes.


1. Jorge Masvidal

While unlikely, Jorge Masvidal has been part of freak-show fights before, most notably when he faced Nate Diaz in Nov. 2019 for the BMF strap. Masvidal came out on top, and at his peak, was a force to be reckon with inside the welterweight division at the time. Masvidal’s KO’s of Ben Askren and Darren Till are two prime examples of ways that Masvidal’s power has been utilized throughout his career. If Paul and Masvidal were to fight, both men would likely stand in front of each other and look for the highlight-reel knockout. Masvidal will definitely look to use his speed to find the winning shots, but only time will tell.

2. Kamaru Usman

So far, Kamaru Usman has dominated the welterweight rankings and is on his way to becoming one of the division’s best ever. His fast hands, effortless wrestling, and gas tank is what makes him stand out amongst the rest. Usman has had some choice words for Paul in the past, and a fight between one another may draw a lot of attention. If Usman can manage to keep the fight at his range, he might very well knockout Paul to the amusement of many.

3. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez

Out of all of the fights mentioned thus far, Canelo Alvarez vs. Paul seems the most unlikely to occur. Alvarez has dominated the boxing scene for a decade-plus, winning numerous world titles and asserting himself as the No. 1 boxer in the world. While Paul is relatively new to the sweet science, his persona has made him one to watch. Alvarez, though, is the polar opposite and lets his fists do the talking for him. Alvarez’s power punches may frustrate Paul and a KO midway through the fight seems rather possible.

Will Paul ever get knocked out? Only time will tell.