Azeem Rafiq says his allegations of racism against Yorkshire “will be told to the world”

Azeem Rafiq has said he is looking to speak out “in full with names, dates & every inch of detail” about his allegations of racism against Yorkshire

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Azeem Rafiq has said his allegations of racism against former club Yorkshire “will be told to the world”.

Last week, the county published a summary of the report into his claims and admitted that Rafiq was the victim of ‘racial harassment and bullying’.

Seven of Rafiq’s 43 individual allegations were upheld by an independent panel, who also found that there was insufficient evidence to determine whether the club is institutionally racist.

In response, a spokesperson for Rafiq described the way the process has been handled as “atrocious” and stated that “racism and bullying” is “an institutional problem” at the club.

Now, Rafiq has indicated he will make specific details of his allegations public, stating: “I am now looking for the right platform to end my pain by speaking out in full with names, dates & every inch of detail.”

Azeem Rafiq has suggested he will go public with his allegations against Yorkshire


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In a post on Twitter, Rafiq wrote: “I always said to the leaders in our game their (sic) will be a point/morning where I wake when I just can’t take it anymore.

“Not taking it anymore won’t mean I will leave it and walk away. It will purely mean everything that has happened to date – from people being dishonest about what took place in return for positions/jobs, to attempts to create evidence – will be told to the world and let them decide whether YCCC is institutionally racist.”

He continued: “I feel lucky to be alive but I won’t test my resolve any longer.

“For all you people who are victims of racist abuse or any type of discrimination I have tried my upmost best to give you all a voice but unfortunately the system just wants to choke us and finds allies and money to do that.

“I don’t know if we will ever get the respect we deserve or ever be treated the same as our white counterparts in our lifetime, I just hope everything I have put me and my family through will result in mine and my grandkids feeling like cricket is a game for everyone.

“I mention above about a point/morning will come well I think that morning has arrived. I AM DONE!!!!”

Rafiq later clarified his statement, adding: “I am no way leaving the fight or walking away from this subject. I am just merely stating I have tried to handle it without it getting as big as it as (sic).

“I am now looking for the right platform to end my pain by speaking out in full with names, dates & every inch of detail.

“I need & deserve CLOSURE & it’s clear that won’t come because the game wants it to stay as it is & not be welcoming to people from all walks of life.”

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