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Best Kawhi Leonard meme reactions

Best Kawhi Leonard meme reactions


It’s hard to determine what was better about the new Drake music video, Way 2 Sexy, featuring Kawhi Leonard — the memes or the tweets? 

It was a very good Friday for folks hoping to break up the Twitter doom scrolling that has consumed us for the past few days.


Drake finally released Certified Lover Boy to the world, and with it an endless stream of content that will send us all into the Labor Day weekend with a smile.

Among the many corny-yet-fun things that we predicted Drake might do with his new album, featuring an NBA player in some way was the common answer we landed on in our impromptu meeting about what we should expect.

Mark Powell, our MLB guru, predicted that Drake would 100 percent be the rapper to put Damian Lillard on his album as a feature. So when the album dropped, we learned that he was half-right as Drake indeed featured an NBA player albeit in a silent role within a music video.

Kawhi Leonard popped up in the Drake music video for Way 2 Sexy, and it was everything we could have hoped for.

Drake music video Way 2 Sexy features Kawhi Leonard

Of course it does. How could Drake not feature the man who helped bring an NBA title to Canada?


Here’s Kawhi’s cameo in the Way 2 Sexy video:

Drake music video Way 2 Sexy: Best memes of Kawhi Leonard

While seeing Kawhi pop up was fun enough, the reactions and responses to his cameo made it even better.

Thank you, universe. We all needed this in our lives today.