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Best moveset for Gallade in Pokemon GO

Gallade evolves from Kirlia with a Dawn Stone (Image via The Pokemon Company)


Gallade can be just as potent in Pokemon Go as it was when it first showed up in Generation IV.

Gallade is most known for being an alternate evolution of Kirlia. In Generation III, Kirlia only evolved into Gardevoir, but in the next generation Gallade became an option through the use of a Dawn Stone. Gallade trades in Gardevoir’s Fairy typing for the Fighting-type, but other than that, they both work similarly in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO: What are the best moves for Gallade?

First of all, Gallade gets two great options for the quick move slot. Both Charm and Confusion have an immensely high damage output as well as enough speed to charge a decent amount of EPS.

While they are both great, the choice between them comes down to one thing: Gallade isn’t a Fairy-type Pokemon. Since it will not get the STAB from Charm, Confusion will be the better move to put on Gallade.


Gallade works best when Confusion is paired with Psychic as a charge move. It should be obvious why: it’s one of the best Psychic moves in the game and it will get STAB on Gallade. It also does 10 more damage than Synchronize, the other Psychic-type move that Gallade has access to.

It may seem like Close Combat would be the clear choice for the second charge move since Gallade is a Fighting-type, but a strong case can be made for Leaf Blade. This is because there are frankly better Fighting-type moves than Close Combat.

Looking from a raids perspective, Close Combat won’t be doing as much damage as a move like Dynamic Punch. Therefore, all Pokemon with Dynamic Punch will beat raids in quicker times. Considering that Gallade will also have to spam Confusion before it gets to Close Combat, it lags behind other Fighting-types even more.

Leaf Blade, on the other hand, gets the utility of being a move that only needs a third of the energy bar filled up to be used. It also allows Gallade to take on threats like Swampert and Blastoise.

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