Bishop Sycamore saga ongoing as players, parents speak out

It has been two days since a “high school” football team called Bishop Sycamore finagled its way onto an ESPN Sunday broadcast. But even as time passes, questions about the team’s legitimacy remain unanswered as people formerly associated with the team begin to speak out. 

Former players and parents attached to the Ohio-based football program have begun telling their stories about the so-called team, which has somehow been around for three years. One parent detailed to Awful Announcing, which has been at the forefront reporting on the fiasco, his son’s experience with the team which included poor treatment of players, expensive hotel bills being dropped on parents and countless lies at the hands of head coach Roy Johnson.

In light of being blown out 58-0 by Florida-based powerhouse IMG Academy, reports began to emerge that Bishop Sycamore is not recognized by any major institution as a legitimate school. Reports also surfaced the team had played two games in three days, which breaks player safety protocols. It was later found some of the players on the roster are not high school age anymore and that Johnson has an active warrant out for his arrest.

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