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Cam Newton released by Patriots, but didn’t they try to trade him?

Cam Newton released by Patriots, but didn't they try to trade him?


The Patriots shocked NFL fans by unceremoniously releasing Cam Newton. Why didn’t New England try to trade the former MVP?


The Patriots are one NFL franchise that never shies away from making a controversial move. Their decision to release Cam Newton on Tuesday certainly qualifies. The choice to release the former Auburn star also prompts questions about why he wasn’t traded.

The answer to that question won’t sit well with Newton fans. The Patriots had every incentive to try to get value for the veteran signal-caller via a trade. The only reason Newton was released instead of traded is that another team wasn’t out there that was willing to give up an actual asset to acquire Newton.

That represents a serious fall from grace for a player who was arguably the most dynamic offensive weapon in the NFL back in 2015. It’s not shocking that Newton’s decline happened quickly due to his reliance on athleticism over skill, but the reality that he might be out of the league in 2021 is still hard to believe.

What happens to Cam Newton now after release from Patriots?

It’s time for Newton to really understand how low his value is around the league. If he expects to be handed a starting job without competition he’s going to be severely disappointed. Newton should be more concerned with earning a guaranteed roster spot than looking for a starting job at this late juncture of the preseason.


It’s still too early for every team to give up on his unique skillset. Newton will never be a standout pocket passer, but his intriguing combination of speed and strength still makes him a dangerous running threat from the backfield. Fans shouldn’t be surprised to see an aggressive offensive coach make a move to acquire Newton to spearhead a special set of plays designed to torment opposing defensive coordinators.

Newton doesn’t necessarily need to jump at the first offer he gets, but being too selective could bring about the end to his mercurial career. It’s time for the former superstar to get serious about just how tenuous his place in the league is at the moment.