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Can You Hang Out In A Storage Unit? (Everything To Know)

Can You Hang Out In A Storage Unit? (Everything To Know)


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People who live in crowded homes may struggle to find a peaceful place to unwind.

If you relate, you may consider hanging out in your storage unit.

A storage unit may not be your first choice for a relaxation station, but it’s quiet and isolated from the chaos of everyday life.


However, can you hang out in a storage unit, or should you find a different place to go?


Can You Hang Out In A Storage Unit?

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Yes, you can hang out in a storage unit for limited periods—IF the storage facility allows it.

However, that doesn’t make it the ideal hangout location.


Storage units act as extra storage space for people who don’t have storage space at home.

Storage units come in different sizes and come with different amenities.

Without certain amenities, such as running water, you may not find a storage unit particularly comfortable.

Usually, people fill the space with holiday decorations, exercise equipment, and unused furniture, but you can use the room for other purposes if you plan ahead.

Some storage unit companies prefer people to limit time at their storage unit outside of moving items, while other storage facilities advertise the possibilities of a “man cave” or another private refuge.



Can You Sleep In A Storage Unit?

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No, you cannot sleep in a storage unit.

Storage units don’t qualify as habitable living spaces, as they do not have a bathroom or other necessary amenities to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle.

Anyone who gets caught sleeping in a storage unit will likely face immediate eviction as well as potential criminal charges, especially if children are sleeping in the storage unit as well.



Can You Work In A Storage Unit?



No, you cannot work in a storage unit.

More people work from home these days.

Anyone who works from home knows that it can get distracting, especially when you include pets and children in the mix.


Some people may want to set up an office in their storage unit, but it does not make for a suitable workspace.

Even if you do have the ability to set up a desk and computer (with approval from the storage company), you can’t invite clients or perform effective video chat calls.


Can You Have Band Practice In A Storage Unit?

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In most cases, you cannot have band practice in a storage unit.


You will need to specifically ask around to find a company that does allow it.

You will need a storage unit that can support the electricity requirements of all of your instruments and equipment.


Problems With Turning Storage Units Into Living Or Work Spaces

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Spending too much time in a storage unit can lead to health and safety concerns.


Here are just some of the problems with turning a storage unit into a workspace or living space.


No Running Water

Storage units don’t have running water.

You can’t wash a dish or go to the bathroom in your unit.

Obviously, you can’t stay in any location for an extended time without answering the call of nature.



No Cooking

Not having running water isn’t the only reason you can’t cook in a storage unit.

It also creates a very serious fire hazard.

If you use a hot plate or grill, you can start a fire.

It’s not easy to stop a fire or escape while in a storage unit.



No Ventilation

Daily activities can reduce air quality in the nearby vicinity.

Proper ventilation allows for toxic air to escape and be replaced by fresh air.

Unfortunately, storage units don’t have windows to provide ventilation.



Locked From Outside

Most storage units lock from the outside.

If someone does get stuck inside, they won’t be able to escape.


How To Turn Your Storage Unit Into A Hangout Space

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If you can legally turn your storage space into a man cave, you will need to take special considerations as to how you materialize your vision.


Here are some tips on how to turn your storage unit into a hangout space.


Learn The Rules

Before you sign an agreement, take the time to learn the rules about what you can and cannot do in your new storage unit to ensure that you don’t end up breaking the rules.

Things to ask about include:

  • Permitted electronics
  • Noise level expectations
  • Hours you have access to the unit
  • Restrictions


Limit Duration Of Visits

You shouldn’t stay at your storage unit for long stretches of time.


You will benefit by limiting the duration of your visits.


Give Yourself Plenty Of Space

You can’t have a cramped hangout area, so you need to give yourself plenty of space to move around and still store any items you need to keep in the storage unit.

In order to increase space, you can use organizers and hang things from the wall and ceiling to make things roomier.



Have A Bathroom Plan

You need to have an escape plan when you need to use the washroom at your storage unit.

Some storage units may offer a community bathroom on the premises.

However, the storage unit won’t have a private bathroom.

If you don’t have access to a bathroom on-site, you can make note of the restaurants or stores in the area that may allow you to use the bathroom if necessary.

If you need to choose this option, make a point to buy something from that establishment when you visit.




Storage units tend to come rather plain.

However, you don’t need to keep it that way.

If you’re going to turn your storage unit into a hideaway, you should make it appealing with cool decorations.

You may not be able to hang heavy items or put nails into the walls.


However, you can use tape to put up posters and include comfortable lighting.


Common Storage Unit Item Restrictions

Deadly poison in bottles on grey background


Knowing the items most storage units don’t allow can prevent you from unknowingly bringing contraband items into the storage unit.

Keep in mind that the rules vary from facility to facility.



Flammable Items

You can’t have gas, lighter fluid, fireworks, or any other flammable items in a storage unit for obvious fire hazard reasons.


Illegal Goods

Most facilities go above and beyond to ensure that tenants don’t bring illegal items, such as drugs or stolen goods, onto the premises.

People may try to grow marijuana illegally or store material in a storage unit, but most people get caught rather quickly.




You can’t bring chemicals into the storage unit.

This can cause a problem if you forget about the chemicals in your standard cleaning supplies.



Most facilities prefer not to have any guns of any kind on the property, so you will need to keep your toys out of your new space.




If you bring groceries and other perishables into your storage unit, you also invite bugs to join you.

The bugs won’t stay in your unit.

They may travel throughout the facility and affect other people.

Soon, the storage facility will accrue bills for pest removal services and any lawsuits regarding damaged items.




Unit storage warehouse facility with numberd doors


Storage units work best when used for their intended purpose.

However, you can use one as a hangout place or gym in a pinch.

Of course, you will need to learn the specific rules of your storage unit facility to reduce the possibility of any misunderstandings.


If you do break the agreement, you will find yourself (and your things) out on the street.