Carlos Correa says this is his last year in Houston


You can’t outrun the boos, Carlos.

You can’t outrun the boos, Carlos.
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Carlos Correa, the Houston Astros shortstop who won a championship with the team in 2017 with the help of some extracurriculars, has announced that he will be leaving the team after this season.

Correa told The Athletic, “My last year with the Astros,” said Correa. “Hopefully we can win another championship. I can leave this great organization with two of them.”

I don’t know exactly why Correa has decided to leave. Maybe he wants to be the sole star on a team, or get a super contract, or just needs a change of scenery. Or…perhaps he’s trying to distance himself from the sign-stealing scandal he was a part of.

Carlos — can I call you Carlos? — if you’re leaving because you’re tired of getting booed, then just know it won’t work. Look at George Springer who has gotten heckled on his new team (Blue Jays) even when they’re home.

The people you’re trying to trick into forgiving you have brains that have developed past age two, object permanence and everything. No one’s going to see you in a Cardinals jersey and be like, “Who is this mystery man? He seems like he’s done no wrong.”

The Astros have been booed relentlessly in every ballpark they’ve gone to since fans have been allowed back in stadiums, and the team, to their credit, stood there and accepted their comeuppance, like responsible adults… of course, I’m kidding. The Astros reportedly complained to MLB.

Winning another championship with the Astros won’t change anything. No amount of switching teams or subsequent championships will whitewash the reputation that you and your teammates made for yourselves by cheating. That ship has long sailed. You could’ve minimized the backlash by coming clean, sincerely apologizing, and giving the World Series trophy back. But instead you taunted opponents and fans alike, so toughen the fuck up.

“Yes, I used the trash can. And I’m here like a man to tell you I used it. Because my credibility right here; this is what I live for. Every time I speak I want you guys to believe me, and when I tell you, yes, I did,” said Correa on February 21, 2020.

Correa clearly values his credibility above all and says what he means and means what he says and I’m kidding again. He denied cheating just a few days earlier on February 15, 2020 in an interview on MLB Network.

“So you guys did not have their signs,” asked Ken Rosenthal, referring to the 2017 World Series.

“No. No,” said Correa in a high enough pitch to shatter a wine glass.

Earlier in that same interview, Correa said this in response to Cody Bellinger saying that the Astros stole the World Series from the Dodgers:

“The problem I have is when players go out there and they don’t know the facts. They’re not informed on the situation. And they just go out there in front of cameras and just talk. And to me that doesn’t seem right… He either doesn’t know how to read, is really bad at reading comprehension, or is just not informed at all.”

Leave it to the cheater to dole out moral judgment. By the way, a real classy move, cheating to beat someone and then calling them illiterate. That’s exactly why the boos will never stop, because you’ve been the most outspoken, unapologetic asshole on the team in the aftermath of the scandal.

Everything you’ve said on the matter, Carlos old buddy, old pal, has been to the tune of, “Yeah we cheated. What are you going to do about it?”

And this is what people are doing about it. Booing you and throwing trash cans on the field because it’s the only way for them to voice their frustrations.

Side note: I’ve heard some people refer to throwing trash cans on the field as “dangerous,” and obviously I’m against anything dangerous, but can someone please explain to me how? I’m genuinely asking. It’s not like someone’s going to hit a player. Frankly, if someone can throw a trash can 70 feet past the outfield wall and hit a player, then they shouldn’t be arrested, they should be signed to a contract because they have a better arm than anyone on the team.

Carlos, this will probably follow you around forever. Once you embrace the villain role, you can’t just go back on it. So why run from it now? This is your legacy: a cheater. So just sit with that.


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