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Coyotes submit bid to build arena in Tempe

Coyotes submit bid to build arena in Tempe


The Arizona Coyotes will not be playing in Gila River Arena in Glendale beyond this season, but their future could still lie in the Phoenix area. AZ Central’s Paulina Pineda reports that the city of Tempe opened bids to develop a 46-acre area for entertainment purposes and confirmed that the Coyotes submitted a bid. It is unknown if any competing bids were submitted.

Tempe is located on the other side of Phoenix from Glendale and about 30 miles away from the Coyotes’ current home. The area in question resides on a stretch of the Salt River known as Tempe Town Lake. It is central to Tempe, but also not far from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and the city of Scottsdale. Although the Coyotes could not make any material comment on the bidding process, they stated that they are “incredibly excited about this extraordinary opportunity.” A winning bid would allow the Coyotes to build a state-of-the-art arena of their own design and further develop the area into a attractive entertainment locale. The draw of this new area could be aided by the close proximity of Arizona State University, whose hockey program has quickly developed a strong following of its own.

Of course, competing bids or not, this by no means secures the Coyotes’ future in Arizona. Even an uncontested bid may not be to the liking of the city of Tempe, either financially or in the plan’s details. The city will also likely weigh the benefits of bringing the Coyotes to town, as they did have their fair share of struggles in Glendale. Until anything becomes official, it is fair to keep up the Houston/Quebec City/Milwaukee speculation, but many in Arizona will be happy to hear about this promising new development for their Coyotes.