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Drew Brees’ new hairline defies old age and common sense

Drew Brees' new hairline defies old age and common sense


Drew Brees made an appearance on NBC for the NFL’s first game of the season, and no one understands his new hairline.


Brees’ hairline receded just as his NFL career did, and it was not pretty. Yet, that’s just what happens to men as they get older — it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

But the 42-year-old is defying reality and age, evidently. Either that or he bought a wig/got hair plugs, and we can only hope that’s not true.

The New Orleans Saints legend went viral on his latest appearance for NFL on NBC due to said hairline and…it looks like a helmet.

Drew Brees’ hairline is going viral for hilarious reasons

Twitter attacked Brees hairline in similar fashion to his arm on gamedays during his playing career. It was not pretty, but to be expected now that he’s an analyst.


As funny as the social media reaction was, Brees has actually been fantastic in his debut. His analysis should serve NBC quite well, as they’re hoping to find similar success to CBS with Tony Romo.

Brees retired last season holding several NFL records. He’ll forever be a legend in New Orleans for his actions when the city was recovering from Hurricane Katrina. But beyond that, his football knowledge obviously extends beyond the field, and NBC should be thrilled to have him.