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Floyd Mayweather’s message to Tyron Woodley after defeat by Jake Paul

Floyd Mayweather's message to Tyron Woodley after defeat by Jake Paul


Mayweather asked for “more output” from Woodley after his defeat to Paul in Cleveland, but the former UFC champion was also told by Mayweather that the YouTuber was “a bit scared”

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Jake Paul beats former UFC champion Tyron Woodley

Floyd Mayweather asked for “more output” from Tyron Woodley after his defeat to Jake Paul, but believes the YouTube star was “a bit scared”.

Paul defeated Woodley by split-decision, despite dominating large parts of the fight but was rocked in the fourth round when he fell into the ropes after a forceful right hand connected.


And the former UFC welterweight champion was promised a rematch after the final bell, providing he fulfils his end of the loser “tattoo bet” that the pair agreed before the fight.

But Mayweather encouraged Woodley that Paul was “a bit scared” despite demanding “more output” from the 39-year-old.

“Floyd just said, you know, um, Floyd don’t like when I talk about a lot of technique and stuff that we work on,” Woodley told MMA Hour. “He’s really secretive with that.


Floyd Mayweather training Tyron Woodley




“But it was some things that I did really well that he said I should have did more of. He did say just a little bit more output.

“He did feel like I won the fight. He said, ‘You know, I told you that he (Jake Paul) was going to be kind of scared of you. You’ve been there before’. He said, ‘He ain’t been hit with no sh** yet.


“We’re gonna see how he responds’. He said, ‘You’ve been hit with four-ounce gloves, and you can take it. Let’s see how he deals with that’.”

Woodley has been vocal about the fact he believes he should have had his arm raised at the end of the fight, and believes the YouTuber was fortunate to survive in the fourth.

And the former MMA star has revealed that Mayweather almost predicted the fight and believes his back “wasn’t against the rope” at any point in the contest.



“So, kind of what he said to a T kind of played out, you know,” Woodley continued.


“Jake played it off, but he was hurt. He was running He was clinching. I didn’t clinch him one time. I don’t know that my back was against the rope one time.

“There was very few times I should have been pressing forward. So, every single thing he said I was gonna do, that was gonna happen, he did.”

The scorecards were released after the fight, which generated controversy after the fight as one judge handed a decision to Woodley, despite being less active on the punch stats revealed.

But Woodley believes something was “fishy” about the clash between the pair, and believes that Paul was “held up” by the ropes.

“Thanks for all the support, really appreciate the love but let’s talk,” he posted on Instagram after the bout. “Ropes can keep you up, and no drug test?


“[The f***] they take my pee for in the back, run it back. Dave Chappelle said so, s*** seem so fishy in Cleveland. Let’s run it in St Louis.”

Youtube star Paul will now face high demand for a shot at him next, as he could now potentially face British light-heavyweight Tommy Fury after his recent clash against Woodley.

But the 24-year-old appeared to announce his retirement from boxing after the fight, posting on his Twitter page to change his “status” to “retired boxer”.