How boxer Aaron Aponte transformed into ‘The Alien King’


At 20 years old, Aaron Aponte is one of the younger super lightweight boxing prospects. He has a unique nickname with the talent to make it known.

Boxing is filled with great nicknames such as ‘The Manassa Mauler,’ ‘The Atomic Bull,’ and ‘The Riverside Rocky.’ However, Aaron Aponte gives those a run for the money with his–’The Alien King.’

Aponte (4-0, 2 KOs) is a young 20-year-old making a name for himself on the pro scene as a super lightweight boxer. He detailed his boxing start with The Ring, which included training at 9 years old to improve his strength for baseball.

When Aponte started competing and winning, boxing became his priority, and the other sports fell by the wayside.

“I saw my potential was greater in boxing than in baseball,” Aponte told FanSided. “Not only that, I stopped liking baseball and liking boxing more. I fell in love with boxing, and I thought that if I put everything into boxing I could do something really special.”

Aponte’s gut proved him right. He was an amateur standout and is looking like he will mature into a force as a professional. He has a massive build for a super lightweight at 6-feet tall and a long reach to match. He’s an orthodox fighter who boxes with his power hand in front, as his first trainer Angelo Espinoza taught to him.

Aaron Aponte showed out in his last TrillerVerz outing. ‘The Alien King’ is ready to make a name for himself

But the mystery is still there. How did Aponte get the nickname ‘The Alien King’?

Aponte offered an answer.

“I came across it because my dad used to call me an alien because he was always watching this show called Ancient Aliens, and he used to see how I used to work out and stuff,” explained Aponte. “He said that I was out of this world and basically started calling me an alien. And then my other coach Mike, he used to call me king because I was like the king of the gym. And you know, I was the best in the gym. So he started calling me king. And then we put them together and came up with Alien King.”

Aponte is out of this world, and evidenced by his strong start to his professional career. In August, he made a big splash at Madison Square Garden when he stopped Gerardo Contreras Gonzalez in two rounds on a Triller card that featured Michael Hunter vs. Mike Wilson. It also had a musical showdown between The Lox and Dipset.

“Honestly, it was pretty cool,” said Aponte about his TrillerVerz experience. “It was boxing mixed with entertainment. And really, boxing is entertainment. That’s what we do. We entertain. We go in the ring, and we entertain, and I really feel like TrillerVerz has figured that part out.”

Hopefully, we’ll see Aponte back in action soon. He’s a promising fighter that’s excited to show people what he can do.

“People see it, and they relay the message that I’m a great fighter, and I really think that I’m a great fighter,” said Aponte. “I really think I can be one of the greatest of all time in the future. But you know, I still have to accomplish things to prove to people.”


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