“I made you famous” – Jake Paul sends his “final message” to Tommy Fury


Jake Paul has issued what he called his “final message” to Tommy Fury. He challenged the 7-0 pro boxer to a fight that would give him the the largest payday of his career to date.

Fury did call out Jake Paul following his recent win over Anthony Taylor. However, there has been no official follow-up so far. In a video posted to his Twitter account, Jake Paul stated:

“Alright, so this is the last time I’m speaking about this guy if we don’t end up fighting. Because I’m starting to get p***ed off. Tommy Fury is about to fumble the biggest bag of his life. Tommy, I made you famous. I gave you the biggest of your life. You came to the US, got your US debut for your dream to come true. I gave you the chance to shine in front of the whole entire world and now I’m offering to quadruple the biggest payday of your life.”

You can check out Jake Paul’s full message to Tommy Fury below:

Tommy Fury’s US fight, which Jake Paul referenced, was the aforementioned boxing match with Anthony Taylor. The bout was on the undercard of Jake Paul’s Showtime pay-per-view event last month. ‘The Problem Child’ headlined the card against Tyron Woodley.

Jake Paul warned Tommy Fury not to make the same mistake Dillon Danis made

One name that Jake Paul was previously linked with was MMA fighter Dillon Danis. However, according to Paul, Danis was hesitant in putting pen to paper to officially book the fight. That led to Jake Paul, who suggested that the Bellator welterweight had missed his opportunity, moving on to other opponents.

Jake Paul has now warned Tommy Fury that he is now close to being in a similar situation. ‘The Problem Child’ had the following to say:

“I have dozens of other fighters calling me out every single week Tommy. Your replaceable. It’s the same thing that I told Dillon Danis in our DM’s. I told Dillon, ‘there is definitely potential to negotiate up to $1 million and if I have to take some out of my own purse to get this done I will’. I told Dillon, ‘I personally want to fight you the most’… Dillon fumbled his bag. He didn’t want to fight. And guess what, I am never going to fight Dillon Danis ever.”

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