Indiana misspelled on jersey of Hoosiers running back vs. Iowa


An Indiana football player made his season debut wearing a jersey that was not spelled right.

It was a bad omen for sure, as a freshman on the Indiana football team was spotted wearing a jersey that could not even spell Indiana right.

The Hoosiers were coming off one of their best seasons in over a generation. They had a huge mid-afternoon kickoff at the Iowa Hawkeyes, another team expected to make noise in Big Ten play. While Indiana can rebound from its 34-6 bludgeoning, how sure are we that freshman running back David Holloman recovers after wearing an INDINIA Hoosiers white road jersey?

This was his college debut, and the equipment department could not even get his jersey right.

Indiana football becomes Indinia football after the latest uniform debacle

While we have no earthly idea where Indinia is, we know that it is not a good place. It is a state of mind to where you go into Iowa City and get pushed around by a bunch of guys who are almost wearing Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys. It’s tough, but that what being an Indinia Hoosier is all about. While there are three I’s in Indiana, there is no I in team. Never forget, there are two A’s in Indiana.

The Hoosiers were bound to be losers when they were stuck in an Indinian state of mind Saturday.

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