Jake Paul announces on Twitter he’s now a ‘retired boxer’


Jake Paul announces on Twitter he’s now a retired boxer.

On Monday eventing, just hours after defeating Tyron Woodley in one of the most anticipated fights of the year, Jake Paul, announced he’s now a retired boxer. He took to Twitter to write, “Updated status: Retired boxer.”

The retirement screams Conor McGregor copycat, as we’ve lost track of how many times McGregor has retired on Twitter.

Did Jake Paul really just retire?

Did he really just retire on Twitter? Or are we just seeing another one of his headline inducing antics? Probably more of a show than anything but you never really know when it comes to one of the Paul brothers.

It would seem silly for Paul to retire now just as his boxing career is amping up, but perhaps he’s realizing he can’t fight tomato cans forever either (sorry Woodley).

Only time will tell if this retirement sticks and let’s hope Woodley hasn’t gotten that rematch tattoo yet.


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