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Jarrett Allen reacts to Tacko Fall signing

Jarrett Allen reacts to Tacko Fall signing

The Cleveland Cavaliers signed fan-favorite 7’5″ center Tacko Fall yesterday, prompting plenty of reactions from fans and players alike. New Cavs teammate Jarrett Allen took to Twitter to react to the signing.

The reaction came after StatMuse jokingly tweeted a Cavs starting lineup of players with an average height of 7 feet, poking fun at the Cavs’ bevy of tall players. The tweet featured Allen, who replied with a quote tweet of his own.

“82-0 Line-up.”Jarret Allen

Unfortunately for fans, such a lineup won’t see the court together this season. Nor would it perform well together. But one could imagine the fun possibility of seeing so many huge players on the court at once.

In all seriousness, the post highlights the Cavseliers unique size and length in the rotation. This old-school approach could give fans a source of optimism moving forward.


Allen’s a young, blossoming big who recently signed a 5-year, $100-million deal to stay in Cleveland for the foreseeable future. 2021 draft pick Evan Mobley will accompany him as a versatile prospect with two-way star potential.

Lauri Markkanen’s another recent acquisition for the Cavs, who came over in a three-team deal with Chicago and Portland. Markkanen’s struggled with health and defense throughout his young NBA career but has a chance to rejuvenate himself in a new environment. The 7-footer averaged an impressive 18.7 points per game in 2018-19 and canned 40.2% of his triples in 2020-21.

Kevin Love, while past his all-star prime, provides the Cavs with extra rebounding and outside shooting. It’s unclear how much longer he’ll stay with the team, though, as buyout rumors have surrounded him for quite some time.

Fall likely won’t see too much playing time, but his persona will draw interest to a team that hasn’t made the playoffs since 2018.

Other reactions

Allen’s former teammate, Spencer Dinwiddie, chimed in on the situation, too. Allen and Dinwiddie spent three full seasons together in Brooklyn before leaving the team early in 2020-21.


“Can we put money on that? Lol.”Spencer Dinwiddie

Allen continued the conversation, replying to take the claim one step further.

“I’m a betting man. I might even say 98-0. This lineup is holding the trophy over our heads.”Jarrett Allen

The Cavs begin their season on October 20. Time will tell if the “82-0” lineup ever gets a shot against all odds.