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Josh Warrington vs Mauricio Lara live stream: How to watch fight online and on TV

Josh Warrington vs Mauricio Lara ring walks: What time will fight start?


Josh Warrington rematches Mauricio Lara on Saturday evening knowing defeat will almost certainly spell the end of his decorated career.

Warrington suffered the first loss of his career against the Mexican underdog earlier this year when he was dropped and eventually stopped in the ninth round of a brutal and one-sided fight in February.

The nature of the defeat left many questioning if Warrington would immediately want a rematch, however, the Leeds icon has been adamant he wants to right the wrongs of that night and will attempt to do so in front of 20,000 fans at Headingley Stadium.

A packed undercard features several standout bouts, including Katie Taylor’s defence of her undisputed lightweight title against Jennifer Han.

Conor Benn is also in action after Covid scuppered his plans to fight earlier this summer. The 24-year-old faces the toughest test of his short career against Adrian Granados, who’s previously shared the ring with the likes of Adrien Broner and Danny Garcia. Here is everything you need to know:


When is the fight and what time will it start?

There was not an early ending in Ebanie Bridges’ points win over Mailys Gangloff and Jovanni Straffon vs Maxi Hughes, meaning Conor Benn will be in the ring with Granados at around 8:40pm, so Katie Taylor against Jennifer Han will likely not start until 9:15pm at the earliest. So Josh Warrington against Mauricio Lara will likely start a little after 10pm.

Watch Maurico Lara vs. Josh Warrington live on DAZN by clicking here.

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How can I watch the fight online and on TV?


The fight will be broadcast live on DAZN with coverage beginning at 7pm.

Who is on the card?

  • Mauricio Lara v Josh Warrington
  • Katie Taylor v Jennifer Han
  • Conor Benn v Adrian Granados
  • Jovanni Straffon v Maxi Hughes
  • Hopey Price v Zahid Hussain
  • Jack Bateson v Felix Garcia
  • Ebanie Bridges v Mailys Gangloff
  • Mali Wright v Antony Woolery
  • Brandon Stansfield v MJ Hall

What have the fighters said?

Warrington: “There were times when we were going out to the supermarket and I would say to the missus, ‘I’ll just wait in the car’. I didn’t want to put people in the awkward position when you go past someone in the bread aisle and they’re like, ‘Are you alright mate?’

“Time’s a healer. If you’ve got a worldie of a girl and she leaves you, you’re devastated and you think your world has come crashing down. ‘But eventually, you go out and find another girl and she’s the love of your life.

“For the first six or seven weeks, I was dealing with injuries and that covered up all the thoughts of losing. I had a fractured jaw… an operation on my elbow, a damaged shoulder, my ear was perforated.


“I know how important this fight is for me. I think it’s going to be very different, and much better, for me this time round.”

Lara: “Warrington said that I got lucky. Believe me. There’s no luck in boxing. I’ve never won anything with luck. I won with hard work and a lot of discipline.

“Of course, since I beat him I feel I’m the champion. Like they say in my town, I’m a champion without a crown. It sounds nice and I think I’ve earned it with hard work. I want to be number one in the world and I’m going to achieve that.

“I knew I had to win decisively in the first fight. This time it will be different. I’ll win, but you’ll see a totally different Mauricio Lara. I’ll be a different person. I have more drive in this fight because Warrington has been saying a lot of things and he’ll regret it.”


What are the odds?

Warrington: 8/11. KO: 4/1. Decision: 5/4.

Lara: 11/10. KO: 6/4. Decision: 8/1.