Kelly Stafford has the perfect response to NBC mistaking her identity

During Sunday’s Rams and Bears game, the broadcast mistook a woman for Matthew Stafford’s wife. Kelly Stafford responded on Instagram in the best way.

NBC had an awkward moment during Sunday Night Football, identifying a woman in the stands as Rams quarterback Mathew Stafford’s wife. The problem? That wasn’t Kelly Stafford.

People on Twitter quickly noticed the case of mistaken identity and lambasted the network for it.

As for the real Kelly, she took it in stride

Kelly Stafford’s response to NBC was perfect

On Instagram, Stafford posted a picture of herself, on the right, alongside the woman who was mistaken for her.

It turns out the woman on the left is a friend of Stafford’s. The two were standing next to each other in the stands. The cameras just zoomed in on the wrong blonde.

It was an embarrassing moment for the broadcast, but ultimately it’ll be something Kelly and everyone involved can have a good long laugh about.

Aside from the wife mistake, it was a great night for the Rams and the Staffords. Matthew Stafford got a big win in his LA debut, 34-14. He went 20-of-26 with three touchdowns, proving he’ll fit right in with Sean McVay and Los Angeles’ offense.

Stafford landed with the Rams via a trade from the Lions.



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