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Latifi would feel ‘comfortable’ as Williams team leader | RaceFans Round-up

Latifi would feel ‘comfortable’ as Williams team leader | RaceFans Round-up


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In the round-up: Nicholas Latifi feels ready to assume the role of lead driver at Williams if he has a third season with the team next year.

In brief

Latifi ‘would definitely feel comfortable’ as lead driver

With George Russell expected to move to Mercedes next season, Latifi says he would feel experienced enough to take on a leadership role at Williams, especially given the radical changes coming to next year’s cars.


“If George was to leave and I was to remain, I would definitely feel – I just think by nature [if] I’m the more experienced driver in the team I would definitely feel comfortable to be the one in the team with the experience,” said Latifi.

Despite only being part-way through his second year in F1, Latifi said that his knowledge of how Williams work would help him take on that role.

“Naturally going into next year with the new car and new regulations, it would maybe be a little bit different because if next year was just then another evolution on this year’s car, I think your experience is more valued,” he said.

“You know what the weaknesses and strengths were of the current car and kind of the direction you still need to take it to develop next year you don’t know what you’re going to get, you might have to change your driving to a completely different style. The car might be handling completely different, have completely different characteristics to this year’s car.”

Beckmann blames financial struggles for losing F2 seat to Fittipaldi

Beckmann took his second podium of the season in Baku

Enzo Fittipaldi will step up to Formula 2 with Charouz from the next round at Monza, having competed in Formula 3 with the team so far this year.

He was replaced in the F3 team by American F4 champion Hunter Yeany at the last round and will now move up to take David Beckmann’s place in F2.


Beckmann he admitted a lack of funding had cost him his seat. In a social media post he said the split was “not because me and Charouz have any problems, just because F2 is quite expensive and I thought I had a different amount of budget available at the beginning of the year but it changed quite a lot and unfortunately I cannot compete in the last four [rounds].

“That’s how it is and I will now concentrate on other series. Motorsport is a tough one and if you don’t have the financial background it’s nearly impossible to achieve a lot so I’m trying to see what’s possible and concentrate on other series, for sure keep in the racing circle.

“It’s very unfortunate, I would love to still drive but I also understand Charouz take another driver because I cannot pay anymore.”

Fittipaldi was 14th in Formula 3 at the time he left, with a single podium to his name at the Hungaroring. Beckmann is currently 13th in the F2 standings with two podiums in Bahrain and Baku.

Vasseur: ‘there isn’t any driver out there’ like Räikkonen

Alfa Romeo team principal Frédéric Vasseur praised Kimi Räikkönen after Formula 1’s most experienced driver confirmed his plans to retire at the end of the year.


“There isn’t any driver out there like Kimi Räikkönen,” said Vasseur. “His presence, his charisma and his unique attitude, matched with the innate skill that made this team give him a chance back in 2001, have made him a legend of our sport in a way which numbers and statistics struggle to convey.

It was a pleasure to work with him in these years and I believe I speak on behalf of everyone at Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen, from the shop floor in Hinwil to the garage here in Zandvoort, when I say a driver like Kimi has written some indelible pages of our team’s, and our sport’s, history.”

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